Let’s imagine we fly high above the Earth and suddenly all the lights below go out… It’s completely dark and when we look through the window, we can’t see a thing. Still, there is a way to see every house, warehouse or office building – big and small buildings. How’s this possible?

Thermography! Each building radiates heat that irrecoverably goes to environment. This energy can be seen with devices that record infrared radiation. Such devices are called infrared cameras. The heat must not and should not be lost forever. The reasons for the heat losses are deficiencies in building construction and installations. The question arises: how can they be found quickly and at minimum cost?

The best, the cheapest and the least troublesome solution is infrared camera examination. The examination itself is nonimpact, ecological, detailed and easily verifiable, with report and numerous photos including description and interpretation. Thermography is a modern branch providing services for everyone, details are given in Termopomorze’s offer.


Thermography helps you:

  • quickly determine the places where the heat escapes,
  • see where the hot water and central heating installations are laid,
  • find out if there are thermal bridges in your house,
  • check windows, door and gate airtightness – with additional use of building airtightness devices
  • will find leakage from water installation or central heating,
  • you will learn where problems with water condensation may appear,
  • and we guarantee efficient service and competitive prices!

Thermal examinations have many advantages. They are used not only in civil engineering but power industry, medicine, veterinary, mining industry and bounty hunting! Thermography has never been so cheap and easily accessible. If you own a real estate, you should have your building tested. It pays. Cost of examination is low and effects are impressive!

We also offer: air tightness tests, water leak detection, energy performace certifications of buildings etc.

We operate in Gdańsk, Gdynia, Wejherowo, Kartuzy, Kościerzyna, Słupsk, Koszalin, Lębork, Elbląg, Tczew, Malbork and other places in Pomerania and Poland.
We are also ready to help you in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

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